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10 Favorite Fortnite Battle Royale Items and Weapons

Currently, my favorite go to game to chill and relax with is Fortnite Battle Royale. There is something fun and exciting about this game mode that I simply am in love with. I know it is pretty much Epic Games’ answer to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. And believe me, I have played PUBG myself, but I think, and this is just my own personal opinion, I think that FNBR is a more fun and exciting experience than PUBG. The gameplay, the artistic visual style, and the weapons and extras that can be found in the game make for a faster paced and exhilarating game versus what PUBG offers players – even if PUBG is a more complete game. Yes, PUBG is a more complete game than FNBR, but FNBR does what it does a lot better than what PUBG lets you do. (*cough* driving *cough*)

But seriously, because of the amount of time I have invested in FNBR, I have developed an affinity for a few of the items that players can find in the game. From my favorite weapons and support items to my favorite cosmetic skins and other load out items, I have tended to stick to what I like – and why not? They seem to be working for me so why not stick with them. Mind you, I am not the best FNBR player out there. Hell, I only have one win in my time playing FNBR, but I do rank high in Top 25 and Top 10 columns. I can, more often than not, readily make it into the final five players remaining in a round. I just don’t have the complete skills to win the game. But I don’t mind that when I am having as much fun as I do playing FNBR.

As such, I tend to stick to the following ten items in the game because they are my favorite and, I know this sounds silly, I feel bring me good luck while playing FNBR. Then again, how lucky can they really be if I have only won one game of Battle Royale? You know what, whatever; I don’t care – when I play FNBR, this is my preferred loadout when play and my favorite items when I get my hands on them in game.

10. Rare Rainbow Rider Glider

Admittedly this is only one part of my favorite character skin load out when playing Fortnite Battle Royale. The Rainbow Rider glider is a very bright and colorful outfit and perfectly exemplifies what separates this game from PUBG. But this item really only works for me when I pair it up with…

9. Rare Brite Bomber Skin

For the longest time this was my favorite character skin in FNBR. Even still, when I play on occasion, I switch out my regular load out character with this one because I still love playing with this skin. Pair the Brite Bomber skin up with the Rainbow Rider glider, the Electric Shuffle dance, the Rainbow Smash harvesting tool, and the Rainbow skydiving trail and you have one hell of a pretty loadout.

8. Legendary Minigun

If I can get my hands on the legendary Minigun, I prefer to use this as my favorite weapon to close the distance between a player hiding behind cover and myself. Once I close the distance a bit, I switch between my two preferred weapons – but to tear down a structure or base and close in on someone while making sure they can’t shoot back at you without taking damage themselves, this is may go to weapon to do so.

7. Epic Crossbow

Most people prefer to use scoped assault rifles or the sniper rifles when it comes to long range shootouts, but I prefer to use the epic Crossbow when I try to shoot it out with other players. And I have no idea why I am better with this weapon than I am with other scoped weapons. I have, to my count, at least four dozen kills with the crossbows found in the game compared to just barely over a dozen or so with the other scoped weapons.

6. Impulse Grenade

Okay, I am guilty of using the Impulse Grenade more for “griefing” other players than I do for actual strategy. Then again, when it has helped me eliminate a few players by knocking them off of cliffs or back into the storm, I guess you could say I am using it right. But man, does it bloody make me laugh when I can just troll some other FNBR players and be as annoying as I can with this weapon.

5. Legendary Assault Rifle

For mid-range firefights, this is my go-to weapon. This is also my backup weapon when in close-quarters or face-to-face encounters. While most assault rifles are very decent and capable weapons, but if I can get my hands on a legendary Assault Rifle I am a very happy camper. Or bush camper, if you will. But seriously, getting my hands on a legendary assault rifle I can make my way through a round of FNBR pretty much through the end.

4. Chug Jug

If I can happen upon a Chug Jug throughout a match, I will gladly trade off a third weapon in exchange for being able to carry a Shield Potion, a Med Kit, and a Chug Jug to maximize how much Health and Shields I can provide myself throughout a match. I mean, why would you ever pass up a consumable item that can provide you 100 Shield and 100 Health? Carrying this item around almost ensures that you can maximize your staying power during any particular round.

3. Spike Trap

And here we are returning to an item that is more about “griefing” other players rather than actually helping me win a match. Yes, the Spike Trap can kill an opponent when you catch someone with one, but I prefer to try and bait someone with items in a room or shed and watch an opponent run in without checking the room to get the item. And if they happen to notice and try to avoid the trap, since I am usually camping nearby the set trap, I’ll jump out from a bush or from behind a tree and kill them as they stand there.

2. Legendary Havoc Skin

This is my new go-to loadout character skin when playing a round of FNBR. I usually pair the Havoc Skin with the accompanying Backup Plan back bling, the Carbon glider, Flames skydiving tool, and the Sawtooth harvesting tool, and you have a pretty intimidating looking loadout. But what makes this a “must” skin for me is the light/dark camouflage design skin is that it really hides my character when I am hiding under trees – because, for some reason, no one looks at the base of or under trees for hiding enemies.

1. Epic Tactical Shotgun

While I am happy to run around a round of FNBR with any shotgun, even the Pump Shotgun, whenever I get my hands on an epic Tactical Shotgun, I am a happy camper. Then again, if I get my hands on the epic tactical shotgun, I go from being a patient camper to an active hunter because I feel super confident carrying this weapon. Utilizing a modified version of the double pump tactic when using this weapon, going for headshots every time I encounter an opponent, I can maybe rack up four or five kills a round if I’m lucky. I know, that’s not a high number – but when you suck at games as much as I do, that’s a pretty high number.

So those are my ten favorite items and weapons while playing Fortnite Battle Royale, what are yours? Do you go for similar items and weapons? Do you have your own preferred loadout that you seek when you play FNBR? If so, I want to hear about it and how it works out for you. So, comment here or on our Facebook page and let’s look for each other online. You can find me playing Fortnite Battle Royale on PSN under the screen name RJAC1978.

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