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New Non-Profit Wants to Give All Kids the Chance For a Night at The Movies

Most of the news that I present to you on here is news that I feel is important with regards to gaming, comics, music, and film, but it is just that, news. This next bit of news though is a little closer to the heart as it is a new endeavor from a long-time buddy of mine, Jordan Maison, the editor-in-chief for Jordan has been a buddy of mine for several years now and he even invited me to write a couple of articles a few years back that he kindly posted on his site. That is why when he mentioned to me that he had started a new site,, that will help impoverished kids have a chance to do something many of us take for granted, the simple act of seeing a movie at a movie theater, I promised that I would throw my full support and that of gXp behind this cause. So, please, read on and consider helping Jordan and his team at ReelOutreach as they seek to help out these kids enjoy one of the simplest but most satisfying luxuries we have in this country.

Under development since last year, today is the formal launch of ReelOutreach, our new non-profit charity all about delivering the thrill of movie nights to kids in need. Our belief is that everyone deserves a night (or day) at the movies and that kids, who have no control over their circumstances, need it the most. With rising costs for tickets and concessions, for many kids, the enjoyment of sitting down to enjoy a film is sadly out of reach.

While many consider this a luxury, for kids in need it’s a chance to escape and feel normal. For those in foster care, orphanages, or group homes, the funding simply isn’t available for them to get treated to the movies.

How We’re Helping

We want to offer kids of all ages the opportunity to enjoy a night at the movies for the latest releases they otherwise would have missed. Initially, we’re seeking to do this in a couple of ways: First, we’re offering to host events at movie theaters where we rent out the entire theater in order to bring in entire groups of kids (from local Boys & Girls Clubs, Child Care Groups, and Shelters) to see the latest release on opening weekends.

These special screenings come complete with concession bundles and movie themed goodies (depending on studio participation) to take home with them.

Between these screening events comes the second part of the plan: providing free movie passes and concession vouchers to kids/families in need. In this way, those unable to attend our events can still enjoy an evening at the movies whenever is convenient.

Today, we’re happy to finally pull back the curtain on this passion project with our brand-new website and our first event/campaign. We’ve launched a fundraiser on GoFundMe to send local kids to a screening of Avengers: Infinity War.

So, please, consider supporting Jordan and ReelOutreach as they look to brighten the day of children across the country to enjoy something many of us take for granted. If you can, please support the GoFundMe fundraiser with any amount that you can. At the very least, if you can follow ReelOutreach on Twitter or Like ReelOutreach on Facebook, Jordan and I would certainly appreciate all the help you can provide him and his team.

ReelOutreach Social Media Links

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