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My Wife The “Gamer”, Episode 2 (Destiny 2)

Hi there, gXp readers. Today we want to introduce you to Dylan and Cassandra, two of our friends and Twitch streamers (who you can find at the MyWifeTheGamer Twitch channel) as Dylan teaches Cassandra how to “game” when he has her jump onto Destiny 2. They have a fun and energetic stream and usually talk about everything from family life and kids to gaming and other geek centric stuff. And, as it so happens, they have “joined” our gXp team and allowed us to host their stream here on gXp to share what we believe is a fun and unique Twitch channel that we hope you will enjoy. So, settle in and get to know Dylan and Cassandra and they embark on an epic and funny “gaming” experience.

My Wife The Gamer – Episode 2

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