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Reika Saiki Cosplaying as Chun Li

If you happen to have read my Cosplay Spotlight article earlier today featuring Carolina Angulo, you may have noticed that some of the images that were featured in that article were of her cosplaying as the character Chun Li from the Street Fighter video game franchise and how much I love her multiple renditions of her costumes for the character. Looking at her Facebook and deviantArt pages, it is easy to deduce why Carolina Angulo is one of my new favorite Chun Li cosplayers.

Anyway, piggybacking on the idea of the Chun Li cosplay, I happened to come across an image of Japanese female idol, professional wrestler, and mixed martial artist, Reika Saiki, cosplaying as the very same character, but to a much more accurate degree. By which, I mean the complete look of the character, mainly the one aspect of the character that has come to define the character more than any of her other physical attributes – her shapely and muscular thighs. I mean, just look at her in that costume there to the right: she looks absolutely amazing in that costume.

I have always liked the way that she presented herself in Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling with the kind of ring attire she wears to the ring, as I found it very colorful and playful, but seeing her in this cosplay here just adds even more charm to her personality that I find rather amusing and endearing… as if I needed more reasons to like her. But I simply can’t stop being amazed at how wonderful Reika Saiki looks as Chun Li. I mean, I’ve seen some impressive Chun Li cosplayers in my day, with Yaya Han and Raychul Moore being two of my favorites for some time, but seeing Reika Saiki cosplaying as Chun Li… I am simply amazed.

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