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Cosplay Deviants Will Once Again be at Anime Expo

I’m not going to lie; for the past six or seven years, one of my favorite things to do when I go to Anime Expo is head on over to the Cosplay Deviants booth and meet and hang out with the people at the booth. Yes, I am into cosplay. Yes, I am into adult cosplay. Yes, I love the nudity that is shown on their site – sue me. It is a fascination of mine and if it doesn’t bother my wife it shouldn’t bother anyone else. Actually, I am quite pleased that my wife encourages my like and following of the men and women on Cosplay Deviants; then again, my wife isn’t the jealous type so that really helps. But, back to what I was saying – I love seeing the people from Cosplay Deviants at Anime Expo and I look forward to seeing them at this year’s event as well.

Now, I know that Cosplay Deviants isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; but they do have their fans and they do have a large following. I love what they do because I think it takes a special kind of person to be a Cosplay Deviant in the first place. Think about it… not everyone is willing to subject themselves to the public outing of being a cosplayer. I mean, if every fan would cosplay it wouldn’t be as special an art form as it is now. Cosplay takes a certain kind of person to open themselves up and show their fandom on their sleeves (quite literally at times) and wear their creations with pride to show off their works.

Now, imagine the kind of steeled nerves it takes to not only cosplay, but to completely disrobe and show off your natural body while in cosplay. Not everyone is comfortable cosplaying. Not everyone is comfortable disrobing and letting others see them in a very vulnerable state. So, for someone to be willing to do both and be proud of what they are doing – that takes some nerves of steel and I appreciate that as a fan. Yes, I am a fan of the naked body, male and female, and I am a fan of cosplay as an art form, so it is natural that I would be drawn to the men and women of Cosplay Deviants because of what they do.

I’ve been a member of their site, off and on, depending on my budget, for a number of years now and I have never once regretted joining the site. I have enjoyed every pictorial that has been featured on the site over the years, marveling at the cosplay outfits that their participants wear and the willingness they display to present their bodies to the members of the site. Like I said, I know not everyone is into what they do at Cosplay Deviants, but for those that do, fans like myself, getting the chance to meet them in person at events like Anime Expo, is a pretty big deal. Not just because we are fans, but because meeting them and getting to know them as people is important to the growth of the community and gets more people involved and interested in the fandom.

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