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Fate/Grand Order Atalanta Cosplay by Hoshilily

It’s kind of funny; as I was playing Fate/Grand Order on my mobile recently, I had just acquired the Archer-class servant Atalanta, based on the character found in classic Greek mythology. Seeing as she was my newest servant character, I was curious to see what kind of fan art was out around the net regarding her character when I came across this recent cosplay photoshoot featuring the character by the cosplayer known as Hoshilily on the website that was posted back in April. I know it is more than a month later, but I still wanted to share these images with you because I thought the cosplay of the character was nearly perfect. The detail that went into every aspect of this cosplay set is nearly identical to what the character is seen representing in the game and shows how much time and effort went into making this cosplay creation by Hoshilily. Check out the images below and tell me that she has not painstakingly recreated the character to near cosplay perfection:

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