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Luxurious and Beautiful Fate/Grand Order Nero Cosplay

As I was browsing deviantArt this week, I was checking out my Notifications and came across a number of new pictures uploaded by Megan Coffey, a cosplayer who I would consider to be in my current Top 5 Cosplayers on the scene right now, and I was in awe of the images of her dressed up as Nero Claudius, the Saber class hero from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order. In the mobile game, Nero Claudius is one of the most beautiful characters in the game – but looking at these images of Megan cosplaying as Nero Claudius shows that the characters beauty pales in comparison to that of Megan.

Of course, her beauty alone is not the only reason why I love these images of Megan as Nero Claudius, just look at the quality of her costume to see how much work and detail it took for that cosplay creation to look as wonderful and picture perfect as it does. From the small details of the bow in her hair to the style of her boots, to the accented stitching on her coat and dress to the sheer white elegance of the front of her gown, the costume is a perfect recreation of the outfit that Nero Claudius wears in the game.

Be sure to check out some of Megan Coffey’s other cosplay creations while you are on her deviantArt page, but for now please enjoy these images of her Fate/Grand Order Nero Claudius cosplay.

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