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New Fairy Tale Inspired Swimwear Sets

If you have read some of my fashion post on gXp and other websites I have writer for before (like GameTrailers, Nfamous, and PopCults), you know that I tend to focus on Japanese swimsuit and lingerie fashions. Yes, I have dabbled in the occasional Western fashion senses, but I think that some of the cutest and more forward thinking, fan-driven developments in fashion with regards to swimwear and nightwear comes from Japan. That is just my opinion on the matter and I will never claim to be an expert in fashion. Hell, my idea of fashionable daily wear consists of jeans or khakis paired with tennis shoes and a geeky tee. When I speak of fashion and what I see as forward and progressive thinking comes mainly from what I truly like to see in fashion – ideas and wares that appeal to my particular senses. Luckily, my wife seems to share some of my fashions senses, so I am able to get away with my likes without much criticism at home for looking at the sexier side of fashion. Anyway, back to my original point, I tend to focus at what I see coming out of Japan as forward and cute with regards to fashion.

With that in mind, I recently came across a new swimwear project coming out of Japan that has interested me because of its absolute cuteness – and it even bares the slightest resemblance, at least in terms of inspiration, with another fashion post I have written before. This new set of swimwear fashions comes from M Project, which has produced other lingerie and swimwear fashions before, though this time the M Project is producing a swimwear line based on classic fairy tales. The M Project has begun producing three sets of swimwear for this line based on three of the recognized fairy tales of all time – Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White – and each swimwear set looks beautifully detailed and crafted. As I was looking at these sets, I was impressed with the way they each look and could easily imagine how they would look on people who are so inclined to purchase them.

To me, these swimwear sets look absolutely exquisite and I believe that there are those out there who would also be curious about purchasing can check out the store page for M Project to take a closer look at these sets and see if they would be interested in finalizing a purchase of these swimwear fashions for themselves – or at least when they aren’t sold out anymore.

Little Red Riding Hood Swimwear

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Alice in Wonderland Swimwear

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Snow White Swimwear

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