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Brilliant Xayah League of Legends Cosplay

So, as I was browsing around looking for new cosplay sets to marvel at, I came across this set of Xayah from League of Legends by the cosplayer calling herself Po (at least I hope I am reading that right) who absolutely nailed the look and feel of the character is this splendid photo set. I’m not usually one to like photo sets with added effects into them as I feel that cosplay as an art is beautiful as is – but looking at these images and the after effects that were added in to really spruce up the look of the costume and better represent the character in real life is simply astounding.

The way the feathers light up and glow look just like they do in the game and give the photo set that added sense of realism to make this cosplay creation truly magnificent. The level of detail that went into creating that costume to look as good in real life as it does in game shows a lot of creativity and craftsmanship on the part of the cosplayer. And she knows her character well, posing and replicating familiar stances the character displays in the game. You can check out Po’s Xayah cosplay on or you can check out the images below:

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