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The Halo Infinite Trailer Isn’t Really Doing Much for Me as a Fan

So, let’s quickly talk about the Halo Infinite Reveal Trailer and what this possibly means for the future of the Halo series. 343 is once again at the head of this game, and I am already a bit jittery at this fact because, in my humble opinion, they haven’t done so well with the series that was handed to them once Bungie left Microsoft and set out on their own. 343 Industries was handed a certifiable hit franchise and have done nothing but tarnish and diminish what those at Bungie managed to do with the story.

Halo 4 was a decent hit, but nothing compared to what previous games in the series had brought to gamers – and the dwindling online presence of the Halo community was a huge testament to that. And Halo 5: Guardians presented an even weaker campaign mode and far less appealing online mode. Couple that with the farce that is The Master Chief Collection, and 343 has shown some of the ineptest abilities to keep the fires going under what was one of the hottest game properties around. That’s not saying that the Halo franchise isn’t a hot commodity today – I just think that maybe under a new development team, one that reveres the accolades and the work that came before them, would do better with the series than 343 is doing.

Now, we will have to wait and see what Halo Infinite is going to bring to the table and whether or not 343 has learned some lessons in how to produce a proper Halo game that is appealing to both the established fan base that made the series popular and attract newer gamers as well, but I will admit that the so far isn’t doing a damn thing for me. I know this is just a reveal trailer, but you have to hit me with something good, something to keep me on the edge of my seat after what we have seen in recent years; and I don’t think that this did that for me or other fans as well. I am excited for a new Halo game, I really am – it is one of the deepest stories in terms of gaming today – but excitement does often give way to disappointment when not properly channeled.

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