To Be Heroine, Episode 1 & 2 Review

To Be Heroine, Episode 1 & 2 Review

Studio: EMON
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Slice of Life
Series Length: 7 Episodes, Episode Length: 24min
Simulcasted on: Crunchyroll, New Episodes Air Saturday 6:00am PDT

Synopsis: Everyone around Futaba expects her to grow up and become an adult, and she’s lost the ability to keep herself mentally balanced. At the bottom of her heart, her childish self is still there, and still strong. One day she wanders into another dimension, a world where the light has been lost, and darkness rules. The people there exist as babies wearing only their underpants. The clothes they wear can be summoned as powerful fighters called SpiCloths. In this world, a battle was being fought between light and darkness… However, this battle between light and darkness in another dimension was actually the battle between hope and despair in Futaba’s heart… -Crunchyroll

I’ve been slacking on my anime watching lately. Kind of sucks but when life throws everything at you, you just have to reorganize and work your way through it all. Now that life has gotten a little more stable, I’ve had time for some time to relax and of course that means watching anime.

Lucky for me, the Spring Simulcasts have already started and first one I saw was To Be Heroine. Now I really didn’t have much to go on besides the synopsis, and it caught my eye with what I read, so I decided to give it a go. Episode 1 is available for everyone on Crunchyroll and Episode 2 is available for Premium subscribers. Luckily my hubby loves me and got the Premium, so I could catch up.

Episode 1 was of course the Introduction to the characters and setting up some back story. We are introduced to the main heroine Futaba, High school student facing life and all the choices that come with growing up. We also meet her two friends Tooru, nicknamed Super-Oldguy because he is “thin and street-smart”, and Hikaru who is playful and mischievous. You get to see their interactions through flashbacks, but I really like the way their friendship works and how they work with each other.

Now on to the fun part of the series. Futaba stressing and dealing with all these choices is transported to another dimension after wishing to be somewhere else. Transported to this new world she meets a little kid only in underwear and learns that she’s there to protect him. To be the hero, she has to use her clothing to call forth powerful fighters called SpiCloths.

These first two episodes were entertaining filled with comedy and action. I enjoyed the characters and the pace of the story was great. Now while I was getting ready to write my review I researched a bit about the series. To Be Heroine is actually a sequel to a 2016 anime To Be Hero, so that’s pretty cool. I also found that this series is a Chinese/ Japanese Hybrid, using Japanese voice actors for the characters in the 3D world and Chinese voice actors for them in the 2D world.

Last thing I wanted to talk about was the opening and ending theme, I normally enjoy opening themes since they are catchy or meaningful and ending themes are normally what I skip over. This series has really good opening and ending themes to the point that I actually let them play instead of skipping through them. The opening theme is “Ray” performed by Passcode and the ending theme is “Love flower love (Koibana Lenbo)”  by Re-connect. Two really great songs for a fun and adventurous anime.

This is one anime I’m going to keep up with. Between the characters the story and the action comedy in it’s a cute little package that will pack a meaningful punch in the end I think. Check it out if you have a chance over at

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