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The New Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Simply Blew My Mind Away

So, finally, after five years of the release of the trailer that you see above you, CD Projekt Red has released a new trailer for their next big project, Cyberpunk 2077. I have been waiting for five years for some news regarding this game because I was simply blown away by what the first reveal trailer showed gamers. Now, we get an in-depth look at what the game is about, what kind of story we are looking at, and how deep this new adventure will probably be taking us. Hopefully we will also get some gameplay videos released during E3 week so we can see what to expect from this game. I am thinking along the lines of a futuristic Witcher kind of action adventure RPG but I have also heard rumors in recent months of there being some kind of shooter elements involved as well.

Ever since the release of the reveal trailer, I have wanted to play this game. There was something about the reveal that really caught my eye and had me wanting to know more about the game, unlike some more recent reveal trailers released this week, and it was something that really mystified my mind and really just had me intrigued. But it would be years and years before CD Projekt Red would release any kind of official word about this game – this week. And like the first trailer, it has me wanting to know more about the game because it managed to build upon that mystique and intrigue that was left in me five years ago.

Now I just want to see how Cyberpunk 2077 is going to play like because I really do want this game in the worst way. This is the kind of need that I have rarely known as a gamer. Very few games have left me with this kind of feeling that I would absolutely need to own the game the day and date that the game is released. It happened to me with Final Fantasy VIII, it happened to me with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it happened to me with Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, it happened to me with Overwatch, and now again with Cyberpunk 2077. And coming off playing The Witcher III: Wild Hunt once again just for kicks, I am really excited to see that this game is at least somewhere near on the horizon.

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