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The Fortnite Switch Nightmare

To nobody’s surprise, Nintendo announced that the most popular game in the world, Fortnite Battle Royale, will be releasing on the Switch. To almost everyone’s surprise, they announced it will be up for download as soon as the Direct was concluded.

It was time to take the Battle Royale on the go… that is, only if you’re new to the game.

As soon as they could, many people downloaded the shooter to their Switch only to find they couldn’t play with their own account. The confused players were met with a confusing message telling them their accounts were not allowed to be played on the Switch.

This didn’t necessarily mean they were locked out of the game. They just needed to create a whole new account. Which meant everyone was blocked from any and all content they’ve unlocked.

Obviously, gamers are pissed off about this. People are coming out and attacking Sony since it doesn’t allow anything on the PS4 to be played cross platform while others are attacking Epic saying they’re the ones who are causing this.

As of now, we’re not sure who’s responsible for this. It just seems like, unless you want to start a new account just for your Switch, you should stay away from Fortnite.

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