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The Skull & Bones E3 Trailers Are Absolutely Epic

I have a lot of high hopes and high expectations for Skull & Bones, the latest game offering from Ubisoft and based off of pirating lore during the Age of Exploration. And when you consider how well the company has handled ship-to-ship combat in previous Assassin’s Creed games and how they were some of the highlights of those games, it’s not a stretch to say that Skull & Bones has a lot to live up to. Now we have a full-fledged game possibly dedicated to that kind of gameplay and I want to see the developers at Ubisoft really let the shackles go and fully immerse the player in the pirating lifestyle and action that comes with battles that will take place on the high seas.

I’ve tried my hand at Sea of Thieves and was honestly not that impressed with what the game had to offer. I thought it was far too little for far too much and what they wanted gamers to explore wasn’t nearly as satisfying as it should have been. It was a watered-down pirate life simulator that brought new meaning to the term “watered-down”. I was expecting a hell of a lot more, especially from Rare. And even this new DLC that they just announced at E3 2018 just seems like too little, too late. So, now I am putting my eggs into the Skull & Bones cart, and I am pretty comfortable doing so just based on what kind of pirate experience Ubisoft has presented gamers before.

Ubisoft may have a middle of the line reputation with a lot of gamers on the scene, but I have been of the notion to always give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to most new IPs, and I am willing to do so with Skull & Bones because that trailer looks pretty amazing and certainly did enough to captivate my imagination. It’s the kind of reveal/announce trailer that really works and gets the minds of potential gamers going as to what the game is going to be about. (Not like some of these trailers that we have seen this week, and I’ll get to that later on this week.) But as for Skull & Bones, I already enrolled in the Beta for the game, now I just need to wait and see where the game takes me when it gets released or if I get chosen for the Beta – but I am definitely amped up for this game.

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