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Nancy is Back… in Hell! Available Now

NANCY IN HELL #1 (of 4)

Writer: El Torres
Art: Abel Cicero
Color: Alexandra Thone
Cover: Ariel Olivetti
Alternate Cover: Diego Olmos

UPC Code: 713482801880—00111

Alternate cover: APR181275-STL082116
UPC Code: 713482801880—00121 (ratio 10:1


It‘s a new start for Nancy in Hell! 

The wildest one in Hell and her trusty chainsaw are finally back, but it‘s not like you expected! After her death, Nancy awakens in Hell. A vast wasteland crossed by a single road, absorbing those who end there. Nancy just tries to survive the relentless demon chase. And, lost in the distance, the fallen angel -but still, an angel- Lucifer keeps calling her to rescue her.

After two miniseries and a crossover with Erik Larsen‘s Savage Dragon, there‘s still a lot to tell, prior to her TV-pilot debut!

“It‘s a new story, a jumping point in the Nancy story,” declared creator El Torres. “We‘re not going to disregard her past adventures. But now we will try toshowcase a new perspective. Yes, there will be gore, but I‘m proud to say it‘s not an easy going story. Also, to have artists like Ariel Olivetti doing our covers it‘s a real rush for me!”

Just for $2,99! And Retailer incentive cover, served 1:10, by Diego Olmos!

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