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Stunning LoL Ahri Tease Cosplay by HaneAme

Original Ahri Tease design by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

One of my favorite cosplayers on the international scene today is the Taiwanese cosplayer known to the world as HaneAme. If you look around the web, you can see her modeling her cosplay creations on almost every social media platform. From her own official website, to Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, Patreon… you name it and you can find her official pages on each of these sites or fans of her sharing her stunning images across these sites – and man, does she have her fans. And who could blame them? Looking at the quality of the craftsmanship of each cosplay creation, the way she models each outfit, and her interactions with fans lucky enough to communicate with her, she is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most popular cosplayers out there. And one of her most popular cosplay creations that she models regularly is that of the character of Ahri of League of Legends fame.

The way that HaneAme brings the character of Ahri to life through her cosplays is almost uncanny. Her resemblance to the character, the way she is so photogenic when she is in her Ahri cosplays is so unbelievable, so spectacular, it is just amazing to see her in these costumes and seeing her breathe life into the character the way she does; this is how you perfect the art of cosplay. She is, in my opinion, one of the elite cosplayers on the scene that is both celebrity and inspiration. HaneAme knows how to work it when she is cosplaying as Ahri, and that brings me to this newest cosplay set of hers that I came across on her deviantArt page: Ahri Tease.

When you pair the cosplay excellence of HaneAme with the amazing artistry of Stanley Lau, AKA Artgerm, who came up with the design for Ahri Tease, you have a pairing that is almost artistic perfection. Stanley Lau came up with an amazing design for the Ahri Tease original design, and HaneAme took that piece of art and just made it a beautiful reality. There is so much that is right with this cosplay creation, there is so much that works as she took his artistic creation and made it a cosplay outfit that she could wear like no other, and this is the sum of her work. So, please enjoy the images of HaneAme as Ahri Tease as much as I have, and please remember to Like and Follow HaneAme on all her social media and web accounts.

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