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Anime Expo, Day 2: 10 Interesting Things We Want to See

With Anime Expo 2018 rapidly approaching, and the schedule for the event finally being released, we here have finally got a chance to scope out what panels, events, and showings we want to attend during the 4-day event. But with so many things going on during each day, it’s kind of hard to nail down what things we want to attend and cover while we are there. And even when we can decide on what we want to see, with so many things going on sometimes at the same time, deciding what to go to can be a real issue – even for a 4-person team like we have here at gXp. But, at least for the moment, we have set down a list of 10 panels, events, and showings that we think would be the most interesting… well, at least for us. So, in this second part of our 4-part post, we focus on Friday, Day 2 of Anime Expo 2018.

  • Fashion + Fantasy: Your Dreams Can Become Reality Through Design
    Friday, July 6 @ 11 AM
    LACC – Live Programming 5 (Rm 404 AB)

Like cosplay, anime inspired fashions have become a huge part of the cultural landscape, and we think this panel is right up our alley.

  • Designing the Heroines of SNK with Artist Eisuke Ogura
    Friday, July 6 @ 12 PM
    LACC – Workshop 1 (Rm 403 AB)

As huge fans of the SNK series of games, we would love to just gleam a bit from one of the creative minds behind the scenes at the company to see what goes into their creation.

  • FUNimation Announcements Panel
    Friday, July 6 @ 12 PM
    JW Marriott – Live Programming 2 (Platinum Ballroom)

Oh, come on; who doesn’t want to be at the FUNimation panel to see what new announcements they have in store for the crowd?

  • Fashion Show
    Friday, July 6 @ 12:30 PM
    LACC – Live Programming 1 (Petree Hall – Live Streamed)

Every year, we love attending the fashion show to see what some of the most influential designers in popular Japanese culture have in store for AX.

  • Exploring the Music of Yoko Kanno
    Friday, July 6 @ 12:30 PM
    LACC – Live Programming 5 (Rm 404 AB)

You’d have to be a fool to not want to attend a panel dedicated to the music of one of the best composers in the anime community.

  • Fate/Grand Order: A Financial & Mythological Wonder
    Friday, July 6 @ 1 PM
    LACC – Live Programming 4 (Rm 411)

As fans of mobile game Fate/Grand Order, we definitely wanted to attend this panel to explore the popularity of the app.

  • Finding Identity Through Cosplay
    Friday, July 6 @ 2 PM
    LACC – Live Programming 5 (Rm 404 AB)

It’s cosplay! We really don’t have to say more than that because we are all cosplay fans here at gXp.

  • Sizing A Cosplay to Fit
    Friday, July 6 @ 2:30 PM
    LACC – Workshop 2 (Rm 406 AB)

And for those who feel that cosplay may not be suited for someone of their body type, a panel like this may be what they need to inspire them to try it out.

  • Anisong World Matsuri – Japan Super Live
    Friday, July 6 @ 7 PM
    Microsoft Theater

Gather a collection of the best and most popular JPop groups from around the world and present them to their American fans at AX… yeah, we’re definitely going to be there.

  • Hentai Academy
    Friday, July 6 @ 10 PM
    LACC – Workshop 2 (Rm 406 AB)

We’ll give you once guess which member of the gXp team wants to attend this panel… *cough* Richard *cough*

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