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Anime Expo, Day 3: 10 Interesting Things We Want to See

With Anime Expo 2018 rapidly approaching, and the schedule for the event finally being released, we here have finally got a chance to scope out what panels, events, and showings we want to attend during the 4-day event. But with so many things going on during each day, it’s kind of hard to nail down what things we want to attend and cover while we are there. And even when we can decide on what we want to see, with so many things going on sometimes at the same time, deciding what to go to can be a real issue – even for a 4-person team like we have here at gXp. But, at least for the moment, we have set down a list of 10 panels, events, and showings that we think would be the most interesting… well, at least for us. So, in this third of our 4-part post, we focus on Saturday, Day 3 of Anime Expo 2018.

  • Influence of Anime Fashion in Drag Culture and Nightlife
    Saturday, July 7 @ 10 AM
    LACC – Live Programming 1 (Petree Hall – Live Streamed)

We love seeing how the culture of anime is expanding its influence across all mediums of life, and seeing how they influence the Drag and party scenes is certainly a fun experience.

  • Official Sailor Moon Panel
    Saturday, July 7 @ 10 AM
    LACC – Main Event (Hall B)

Our resident photographer, Dezi, is a huge Sailor Moon fan. But if we’re being totally honest, so are the rest of us here at gXp and this panel is always a must.

  • LGBTQ+ In Anime, Presented by Crunchyroll
    Saturday, July 7 @ 12 PM
    LACC – Live Programming 3 (Rm 408 AB)

Seeing diverse and varying walks of life displayed in anime, especially that of the LGBTQ+ community, is important to all of us here at gXp.

  • IFI – Localizing a Brand-New IP
    Saturday, July 7 @ 2 PM
    LACC – Workshop 2 (Rm 406 AB)

It’s always fun seeing how a company moves ahead with localizing certain projects, and gleaming the behind the scenes of how one goes from inception to distribution in foreign markets should be an interesting panel.

  • Kengan Ashura – World Premiere & Guest Talk
    Saturday, July 7 @ 2:30 PM
    LACC – Main Event (Hall B)

Really, we aren’t quite familiar with the Kengan Ashura manga series here at gXp, but we are curious to see what all the buzz is about with regards to the anime series premiere at AX.

  • Production I.G Industry Panel
    Saturday, July 7 @ 3 PM
    LACC – Live Programming 1 (Petree Hall – Live Streamed)

Production I.G is one of our favorite studios from Japan, having worked on many of our favorite series here at gXp, and we want to be there at this panel to hear all their latest news.

  • International Women of Manga
    Saturday, July 7 @ 4 PM
    LACC – Workshop 1 (Rm 403 AB)

With everything that has been going on in the world as of late with a big shift in more equality for women amongst their male peers, it’s important to learn about the women in the manga community around the world and their contributions to the cultural scene.

  • Fate/Grand Order 1st Anniversary Celebration Event
    Saturday, July 7 @ 4:30 PM
    LACC – Live Programming 1 (Petree Hall – Live Streamed)

As players of the mobile game since its US release 1 year ago, we want to be there at AX this year to celebrate the occasion with other fans of the app.

  • Sailor Moon Official Behind the Scenes Panel
    Saturday, July 7 @ 7 PM
    JW Marriott – Live Programming 2 (Platinum Ballroom)

If it’s Sailor Moon, you can be sure that Dezi is going to be there. And getting a chance to see how everything comes together behind the scenes on such an iconic franchise is an opportunity that we just can’t pass up.

  • FAKKU Presents: Hentai Worth Watching
    Saturday, July 7 @ 11 PM
    JW Marriott – Live Programming 2 (Platinum Ballroom)

This just screams “Richard”, doesn’t it? Yeah, so guess who’ll be there for this panel…

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