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Calming the Storm (Crimson Storm Chronicles Book 2) Review

Calming the Storm (Crimson Storm Chronicles Book 2)

Written by: Yumori Wilson
Published by: Self Published
Published on: July 1, 2018
Price: Kindle $3.99 / Kindle Unlimited/ Paperback $12.99

Synopsis: Taming the storm was one thing. Calming it is a whole other battle. My name is Crimson Arashi. Well, at least that was my name until I obtained a mysterious pocket watch, then somehow acquired six sexy men and a loyal familiar who can rip the balls off of any man. Now, I’m Crimson Storm and I carry the power of Storm Yuna, the strongest mage Homatomashi has ever known. The truth has been revealed and now the clock is ticking. It’s up to me to take Storm’s place with my men in tow as we track down the three missing crystals from her pocket watch while also searching for the leader of N.R.O. In unfamiliar territory and with enemies from my men’s past making a dramatic entrance in the middle of our investigation, tracking down the prime suspect couldn’t be more confusing. On top of everything else, the growing emotions I feel towards each of my men and the recurring memories from Storm’s past that reveal themselves in my dreams, make it harder and harder to ignore the burning desire building inside me. My own powers are increasing and with them brings conflict, two forces working against one another rather than together, which puts me in a dilemma I don’t have the time to deal with. Can I juggle all of the danger and problems in the outside world, while somehow also calming the growing storm brewing within me? Or will this be the beginning of my own demise?-Amazon

Calming the Storm, Book 2 in the series. There’s so much I want to say and yet I really can’t go into details without giving away major points in the plot. I guess the first thing I will say is HOLY SHIT. Yup, that was my exact reaction when I finally finished this book. Oh and a little of “No fucking way!” After those words left my mouth, my hubby had to ask me if I was ok. That ended up being a 20 min rant over how awesome this book was and how I have no freaking clue where everything is going to go in book 3. So here is my attempt at reviewing this without spoiling anything.

Well let’s go into characters to start with, Crimson our MC in the series was such a badass in the first book and I’m happy to say she continues on being said badass into this one as well. She takes a pretty good beating all through this book physically and emotionally, and at some points you can tell she’s really thinking about giving up but she doesn’t. No matter what is sent her way, she fights and I just love that about her. She loves and fights for that love and it’s so apparent in how much she fight for her men. Aki, Quil, Yoshi, Malachi, Itsuke and Haru are all amazing men and each personality so different yet so comforting to her in different times of need. We learn alot about her men in this book. Major reveals happen that could make or break their group but they talk it out, Crimson blows off some steam at one point and they work everything out the way a great relationship does. They all flow together and it’s just an amazing thing to see.

This story had so many points that were just crazy. Major reveals happened that just had you freaking out a bit because you couldn’t believe what you just read. I loved how this book just totally tosses you around with the big reveals. Like I said earlier I have no clue where this is going to go in the next book but boy, I cannot wait to find out. This next story is just going to be one big ride just like book 2 was. I can’t wait to see how Crimson and her men kick ass and try to win peace for everyone. Definitely counting down till book three comes out! Facing the Storm is set to be released September 23,2018 and you can follow Yumori Wilson on Facebook where you can get updates on all her works.

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