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Escape Room Puzzle Themed Game Themed on Seven Deadly Sins Will Hit Steam on Feb 28

Forgiveness, the mind-bending puzzle game in the “escape room” style made by solo developer Noam Matan Rotem, will be available on Steam for Windows PC, Linux and Mac starting February 28th at 20 CET (11 PST) for $9.99. During the first week of launch, the game will be 15% off from the store price.

Watch the trailer:

Themed on the seven deadly sins with psychological-horror vibes, Forgiveness’ gameplay is based on a personality test that you will take at the beginning of the Story Mode to determine what challenges you’ll be faced with.

The story

You have lived your life in sin and now you can’t escape the punishment of “God”.

You wake up, in an unfamiliar room where the enigmatic Dr. Benjamin Smith has trapped you to test your worthiness to stand his judgment ‒ The man believes himself a god and wants to bring his own form of justice to the world.

What will it take for you to be forgiven?

Main features

  • The personality test will determine which sin you are guilty of ‒ the room design, as well as the trials you’ll face, will change accordingly.
  • Two different game modes: Story Mode and Free Play.
  • Explore the rich environments and examine every clue to solve the intricate puzzles.
  • Two levels of challenge: Normal, for a more relaxed play style, and Extreme, with only 30 minutes left to escape the room!
  • An evocative soundtrack tailored to the themes and the sins depicted by each room.

About the developer

Noam Matan Rotem was serving as a detective in the military army of Israel when the idea of “Forgiveness” came to his mind: during his duty, he often had to think outside the box to solve cases. When he went back home at the end of his service after three years, he spent another one to develop the game all by himself.

Forgiveness on Steam:
Forgiveness Website:

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