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5 Favorite YouTube Gaming Channels

For today’s post, I wanted to do something a little fun – and a little relaxing seeing as how I’ve had a rough past couple of days dealing with my bipolar and depression. It’s been a little rough concentrating and even just being motivated, so I wanted to do something to slowly grind my way back into writing and do something that I can do to break the stagnation of my mind. (Note: It did as after I finished writing this post I felt a bit more clear-headed and relaxed enough to get back into writing for this comic week.) So, today I wanted to share with you my five favorite gaming channels on YouTube.

I have already talked about some of my favorite YouTubers on Instagram and Facebook, but I wanted to list here the five gaming YouTubers and link to their channels so you can check them out for yourselves. Personally, I like watching these YouTubers on a daily basis, especially if they post daily; but even if they don’t, I like watching their newest videos as soon as they are posted. So, sit back and check out these channels and let me know if I’ve managed to turn you on to a new YouTuber because of this post. Thanks.


I have been following CoinOpTV longer than any other YouTube gaming channel as I have had the chance to meet Robert Welkner and his former co-host Hailey Bright numerous times in the past and I am lucky enough to call them friends. Still, because I have been following them for so long, there is a sense of familiarity there and I have come to appreciate and respect the ideas and thoughts that the channel shares on its YouTube videos. Robert is an entertaining and knowledgeable video game enthusiast and the team that he works with is just as capable as he is – though Robert is the main reason why I continue watching the channel. CoinOpTV has everything from reviews to gameplay videos to unboxings – everything a gaming fan would enjoy in a YouTube channel.

Also, as I said before, because of Robert and CoinOpTV, I was able to meet Hailey, one of the most creative and friendly people I have had the luxury of meeting in this community; so if you get a chance, follow her on Instagram and Twitter – you’ll be happy you did.

Mr. Fruit

Currently, of all the gaming channels that I follow on YouTube, Mr. Fruit is one of the most diverse in terms of games featured on his channel. I have watched him play everything from Overwatch to Fortnite to Apex Legends to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He even has more than a few videos featuring some other indie and VR titles, just to add a bit more variation to what he plays. Together with a loyal band of friends (who are equally as hilarious and idiotic as Mr. Fruit himself), the majority of his videos usually leave me in a laughing heap as they stumble and fumble their way through the games they play. Then you also have Mr. Fruit exaggeratingly screaming and emoting through the videos (as if he’s about to have an aneurism while playing) to add to hilarity of each video and you can see just why I love watching the videos on his channel.


Muselk is the most consistent poster on YouTube of all the channels that I follow, posting daily for the most part. His channel mainly focuses on Fortnite right now, but he has posted videos that feature Apex Legends and other games throughout his channel’s history. In fact, I started watching Muselk because of his videos on Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. Of the channels on this list, I have been following Muselk the second longest, right behind CoinOpTV. It’s because of his entertaining and enthusiastic nature that I love watching Muselk and have been fan of his for so long. In fact, watching Muselk’s daily posting has become something of a family tradition during the past year as his family friendly way of presenting during a video makes me comfortable watching and sharing his videos with my three young kids… even when other characters take the video in more risqué turns. (LazerBeam in particular; but he sure as hell is funny, isn’t he?)

If you want to see more of Muselk, check out his second channel, MoreMuselk, as well as those of his fellow Aussie mates Lachlan, LazerBeam, LoserFruit, Craytor, as well as their collaborative channel, Click.


Of all the YouTubers on this list, I feel that the host of PlayStationGrenade, Adam, is the one I relate to the most. I have heard him mention that he may be a bit older than other YouTubers and that he is also a father as well. And while I have known Robert from CoinOpTV longer, from what I have seen and heard on PlayStationGrenade, I have come to identify with Adam more. He has a clear and concise voice and is one of the most genuinely funny and entertaining YouTubers I have had the pleasure of watching. I may have only started watching PlayStationGrenade in the past couple of months, but I have since gone back and watched a good majority of his videos from his past library – and that is a pretty huge and diverse library; perhaps the most diverse library of games of the five channels featured here.

PlayStationGrenade has quickly climbed its way to one of my favorite channels in quite a short amount of time, so if you have a chance, head on over to his YouTube channel and his Twitter and consider supporting him when you can. In fact, do what I do and use Creator Code adamaru on Fortnite to show your support.


This should come as no surprise seeing as how I like “Top” list myself. Still, I am always entertained by watching Top5Gaming for what they present on the channel. Even though they mainly focus on Fortnite as of late, they have focused on other games in the past. Still, I find that the presentation on Top5Gaming is top notch as I believe that the host is vary eloquent and his enthusiasm at presenting the videos makes me as a viewer that much more excited to go through the list with him. And then there’s the way he voices “Fred the Llama” that always has me in stitches.

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