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Fortnite Team Rumble 20-Kill Gameplay Video

I don’t usually post gameplay videos of mine on here – hell, I hardly post gameplay videos of mine anywhere, period; but last night, during a round of Fortnite Battle Royale, I happened to be playing with my wife, Dezi (on PSN as Nightminx) when I totally surprised myself with the round that I had. Admittedly, I am a really bad Fortnite player. To be totally honest, I really like playing Fortnite for the fun of it. It’s a video game that my wife, our three kids, and I can all play. And I don’t mind that I suck at the game; I really don’t. I mean, I’ve been playing Fortnite since October 2017 and I barely have twenty-six total Victory Royale wins in the game across all its gameplay modes (Solo, Duos, Squads, LTMs). But every once in a while, I really surprise myself and my competitive “try-hard” nature comes through – and yesterday’s game was one of those times.


Now, we started off a round of Team Rumble so I could help Dezi complete her Season 7 Overtime #ShareTheLove challenges so she could obtain the free Season 8 Battle Pass. We started off flying through the air and trying to get to the ten named locations. After we completed that challenge, I flew her over to the hilltop just north of Wailing Woods so she could unlock Stage 4 of the outfit for The Prisoner. So, up until then it had been a pretty chill, casual round just playing around for the hell of it. Finally, as we needed to get into the circle, the last thing she needed to do was open one more supply drop to finish her challenges, which she promptly did and then we set out to play the round until its completion.

I started off the round as I normally do – totally sucking and missing damn near every shot I take at this one player until I finally close the distance in on him and finish off eliminating him… then one of his teammates comes in and eliminates me just as quickly. Okay, so I respawn back into the game and make my way to the RV park nestled in between Retail Row and Lonely Lodge to finish getting my desired load out to play the round (especially since I didn’t have quite the amount of weapon ammo I am comfortable with in a round of Team Rumble). Once I had finished grabbing a bit more ammo, I ran out of the RV park and quickly finished off two other enemy players, and then I proceeded to continue grabbing more ammo. That’s when Dezi tells me that she saw another supply drop nearby and that there’s a Legendary Rocket Launcher in there. As I go to pick it up, we encounter another teammate of ours, and this is where it gets weird.

To pick up the Rocket Launcher, I dropped a Legendary Assault Rifle and Dezi dropped a Chug Jug and a Legendary Heavy Sniper Rifle on the ground. I signaled to out teammate to come on over and pick up the items (as they were pretty good items to just leave on the ground like that) so we could all run in and get into the fight. For whatever reason, our teammate didn’t come over to us or grab any of the awesome items we had dropped – and that really got on my nerves for some reason. I don’t know why, but it had triggered my “try-hard” nature and I was done. I made my way back to a supply drop I had opened just a bit earlier to grab a set of Balloons that I had left (because I had just written a post about how the Rocket Launcher/Balloons combo was one of my favorite weapon/item combos in Fortnite) and proceeded to jump head long into the fight. And that’s where I went on a bit of a tear, racking up seventeen straight kills without dying once more before the match ended in a Victory Royale for our team. If you think about it, I actually ended the round with nineteen straight eliminations without dying again during the round.

I know for some of you out there, twenty kills in a round of Team Rumble isn’t that big a deal, but for me, when I usually only get between four or five eliminations… heck, that is one of the best moments I have ever had playing Fortnite in all my time playing. Aside from my twenty-six Victory Royale wins, the best round of Fortnite I had ever played before this was back in Season 5 where I was able to get twenty-one eliminations on a Solo round before picking up the Victory Royale for that match – and that was all by complete luck as I managed to find myself a great spot to eliminate other players without having to move for most of the match and I was up against some pretty bad players that night. But anyway, enough of me talking; here is the video of me having one hell of a match – I hope you enjoy the video. And you ever want to squad up with me, find me on PSN as RJAC1978.

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