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Swingline Launches Milton’s Iconic Red Stapler to Coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the Cult Comedy Office Space

Hold your PC load letter and put on some flair! Swingline®, the leading brand in workspace tools for the business, home and mobile office for over 90 years, will give movie lovers access to a piece of pop culture history with the production of “Milton’s Swingline Red Stapler” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 20th Century Fox cult movie classic “Office Space” on February 18. In honor of the fan-favorite comedy, 20th Century Fox Consumer Products and Swingline® are partnering for a one-of-a-kind 1 million staples giveaway — giving one lucky fan the chance to win a lifetime supply of staples!

Milton, the accidental hero of “Office Space,” was obsessed with his bright red Swingline® stapler for good reason. It was far superior to any other staplers on the market and was one of the reasons people kept swiping it in the office.

A lucky “Office Space” fan will always be prepared to fill their “Milton’s Swingline Red Stapler” with the One Million Staples Giveaway, kicking off today! Alongside a brand-new stapler, the winner will receive 200 boxes (containing 5,000 staples each) for an incredible total of one million staples. This chance to win a lifetime supply of staples ends February 28, 2019, so fans are encouraged to visit for contest details.

A fun fact from the movie: Milton’s red Swingline® stapler was actually black, but the prop director spray painted it red for the film and the rest is history! No stapler has had more attention and focus than Milton’s red Swingline®.  His iconic utterance, “Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler,” became a catchphrase in offices and homes across the country after the release of the film.

Now, when someone utters that famous phrase, you can gift them the real deal or buy one for yourself. Don’t be shy! Put on your Hawaiian shirt and jeans for casual Friday, add some flair, forget those darned paper jams, play some Michael Bolton tunes or heck, just go fishing instead like Peter Gibbons, but don’t forget to get your Swingline® stapler. It’s sure to help beat any case of the Mondays!

Product Details

  • 20 sheet capacity
  • Designed for long-term durability and consistent performance (Milton can attest to this!)
  • Strong metal base
  • Sturdy plastic top
  • MSRP $17.99
  • Available on Amazon this spring

About Swingline® Products and ACCO Brands Corporation (NYSE: ACCO)

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About 20th Century Fox Consumer Products

20th Century Fox Consumer Products licenses and markets properties worldwide on behalf of 20th Century Fox Film, 20th Century Fox Television and FX Networks, as well as third party lines.  The division is aligned with 20th Century Fox Television, the flagship studio leading the industry in supplying award-winning and blockbuster primetime television programming and entertainment content and 20th Century Fox Film, one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of motion pictures throughout the world.

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