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Drink Up Your Success and Keep On Schedule with PlayStation & Merchoid

Getting 100% completion in-game is certainly something to toast to. Take a moment out for yourself and drink in your gaming achievements with this PlayStation: 100% Completion Trophy Glass.

Pour yourself a glass of success, because it’s bottoms up for you and your amazing accomplishments. This trophy-shaped glass features embossed PlayStation detailing as it’s made to look just like one you’d earn in-game. Except this one’s a lot more useful, because you can drink out of it.

Slurp your morning OJ from it! Kick back with a cold one! Or just display it on your shelf to show off what you’re capable of. Whatever you decide you do with your 100% Completion Trophy Glass, you’ve earned it. Now get out there and start earning some Platinums!

Between celebrating their wins, PlayStation diehards still have busy lives to lead, too. That’s where this PlayStation: Loading Times Watch comes in. This slick and stylish old-school accessory is shaped just like the classic PlayStation.

Carefully crafted out of silicone, it features a backlit illuminated display that you can press one of the watch’s buttons to show at will. It won’t play your old games, but it’ll make sure you always know what time it is. And it’s always time for retro gaming.

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