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Princess Nashetania Cosplay by Megan Coffety

I’ve written about and featured cosplay images of Megan Coffey, aka Starbuxx, before on this site; once when she was cosplaying as the Saber-class Servant Nero Claudius from the Fate/Grand Order series, and again when she was cosplaying as a female Trainer from Pokémon GO! And truth be told, I like sharing images of her cosplay photo sets because I do think she is one of the better cosplayers out in the scene right now. I follow her almost religiously on deviantArt and her other social media sites, always looking to see what new cosplay set she will be making next. Well, this week, she posted a new set of photos where she is cosplaying as Princess Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra from the visual novel/anime series Rokka no Yuusha (aka Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers in English). And from what I am seeing in this set, she manages to perfectly reproduce the outfit of the famous Saint of Blades from the series. Check out the images below and let me know of any cosplayers that you follow that you would like to see featured here. Enjoy.

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