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My Favorite Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass Skins… So Far

Oh man, oh man, oh man… Fortnite Season 8 has been something else, hasn’t it? I mean, we got some new locales in the game, we got some new ways to get around the map, we’ve had a few things vaulted, and, of course, we got a whole new Battle Pass for Season 8 full of new Sprays, Emotes, Music, Gliders, and other items… but we all know what items in the Battle Pass we look forward to the most each season: the newest Skins that are introduced into the game. Each season, we look at what new skins we’ll get with the Battle Pass to figure out which ones we’re going to main, which ones we’re going to meme with, and which ones we’re just gonna wear once or twice and wish we could get rid of. Last season, my favorite skin in the Battle Pass was the Lynx skin. The season before that, it was the Calamity skin. But what skin this season has stood out to me so far as my favorite? I know the season is still young, but already I have found myself favoring one over the other six skins released for the Battle Pass – and it’s actually quite surprising to me which one I have been using the most and favored. So, lets look at the seven new Season 8 Battle Pass skins and I’ll share with you which has been my favorite so far.


“Go bananas.”
Battle Pass Tier 47

Yeah, you know… I’m just not a big fan of this skin. It’s not quite my forte. But man, do I see a lot of “try-hards” and meme players using this skin in every game I’ve been in so far this season. I’ve tried using this skin for a round or two, but nah – I just can’t. It’s too stupid, even for me. And I’m into some pretty stupid stuff… but this skin just takes it a bit too far.

Also, the Peely skin isn’t part of any set for this season, though everyone can tell you that the Nana Nana Emote was made just for this skin. I mean, come on… It’s peanut butter jelly time!


“The dreaded captain of the stormy seas.”
Battle Pass Tier 1

I told my wife when I first saw this skin that he kind of reminds me of both the Will Turner and Captain Barbossa characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. In his human form, he reminds me a lot of Will Turner when he takes over the curse of Davey Jones. And in his phantasm form, he looks a lot like Captain Barbossa in his cursed form from the first movie.

Blackheart is part of the Scallywags set along with the Swag Smasher Harvesting Tool, Mutiny Back Bling, Driftwood Wrap, and Booty Buoy Glider. It’s a pretty good set when you have all the items, and for all you fans of pirates out there.

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“Coiled and ready to strike gold.”
Battle Pass Tier 23

I really want to like this skin a lot more than I do because it reminds me a lot of the Calamity skin from Season 6 – and that was my favorite skin from that season. This skin looks like a corrupted version of Calamity and even looks to have a jacket similar to Calamity’s long coat tied around her waist. But there are four other skins released this season that I happen to like a lot more than this one.

The Sidewinder skin is part of the Snakepit set along with Snakebite Harvesting Tool, Sky Serpents Glider, and Cobra Back Bling. It’s a very Indiana Jones inspired set that calls out to fans of that series like me, but it’s not quite enough for me to really get behind rocking this skin for more than a few rounds a day.


“Become the dragon.”
Battle Pass Tier 1

It seems that everyone was talking about dragons once the ice started melting in the Ice King’s Castle and began to reveal the dungeon underneath. Once everyone started seeing the eggs in the dungeon and caverns below, I started hearing “dragons this” and “dragons that”, and then we finally got to see them in the trailer for Season 8 as part of The Prisoner’s team, henchmen to his cause. But I still don’t feel that this is the last we’ll see of dragons this season.

Hybrid is part of the Brood set along with the Dragon’s Claw Harvesting Tool, Dragon Scales Wrap, and Dragon Stance Emote and when you combine all these items, it makes for one of the best combinations of a skin and items that I have ever seen in a game. And I love rocking this look so far this season.

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“Take steady aim with hands of flame.”
Battle Pass Tier 71

I love this skin because it reminds me so much of a Night Elf from the Warcraft series: the ashen skin, the pointed ears, the emblazoned eyes – this looks so much like a skin inspired by Warcraft and I am totally geeking out about it. Add into that the flame effects on the characters hands and the fact that she is depicted with a bow in the loading screen and the Spray that is included in the Battle Pass and you have one wicked skin that is hinting at something later in the season.

Ember is part of the Ashen Guard set along with the Cinder Glider, but so far that is all that I have seen associated with this skin as a wearable set – and that’s too bad because she looks way to cool to only have a simple glider as part of her set. Hopefully we’ll see more as the season progresses because the lack of items for her is the only reason why she isn’t higher on my list.

Master Key

“Unlock your true potential. The key lies within.”
Battle Pass Tier 87

Okay, if you know me and how I play, then you know that the basis of this character is exactly the kind of player I am. I am in it for the loot, I raid as much of the map for loot as I can, opening chest after chest looking for weapons, items and ammo. And because his set is reactive to how many chest you open, I have chosen to rock this skin more than any other skin in the game because I can fully unlock its potential in almost every game I play.

Master Key is part of the Key Force set with Lockpick Harvesting Tool, Lockstep Glider, Master Portal Back Bling, and Tiger Stripes Wrap and I have been rocking this set more than any other set because of what I had said earlier and I love seeing it on the Fortnite battlefield each time.

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“Don’t try me. I’m unstoppable.”
Battle Pass Tier 100

You know, even though I have been sporting the Master Key set more than any other set this season, my favorite skin has been this skin, but it wasn’t always like this. I’ll admit that when I first saw this skin in the Battle Pass, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. But as I started using the skin in a couple of matches, I kinda started liking the way the skin looked more and more to the point that I have been rocking it as much as Master Key. She’s not like the typical skins I am used to sporting in the game, but I have quickly grown fond of it as my favorite Battle Pass skin for Season 8… even if I still feel she wasn’t the best Tier 100 skin Epic has ever released.

Luxe is part of the 24K set along with the Flawless Harvesting Tool, High Caliber Back Bling, Gemstone Wrap, and Fierce Emote, and I have been working hard trying to unlock each of the additional items in her set. But given how much you need to fully unlock all of her items it looks like I won’t be unlocking it all for at least a few weeks… but I am definitely trying my best.

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