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Little Shopping – A New Educational Game on Nintendo Switch

Little Shopping is a new educational game for children that Ultimate Games S.A. will release on the Nintendo Switch. In Little Shopping younger players in a simple and pleasant way will learn numbers and the basics of counting. The digital distribution (Nintendo eShop) release date is set for March 12 this year.

Little Shopping was created by the Polish company Baked Games.

The game is primarily addressed to the youngest players. Thanks to Little Shopping, pre-school children can learn numbers and practice the basics of counting in a simple and pleasant way. The title allows combining learning and fun.

As the publisher points out, Little Shopping also stands out with its simple and intuitive control, in which the benefits of using a touch screen were implemented.

The gameplay is based on virtual shopping – visiting stores, selecting certain goods from a shopping list and then putting them on the counter and paying with virtual coins. Four very diverse stores with a wide, child-friendly assortment are waiting for players. This way Little Shopping connects learning to count and traditional fun of playing store.

Main features of Little Shopping:

  • learning and playing;
  • practice of counting skills;
  • simple and intuitive control;
  • child-friendly setting;
  • 4 virtual stores.

The launch date for Little Shopping on Nintendo Switch is set for March 12, 2019.

Little Shopping (Nintendo eShop):

Basic information:

Title: Little Shopping
Genre: educational, for children, family
Producer: Baked Games
Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.
Language: English
Launch date: March 12, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)


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