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Top 5 Fortnite Battle Royale LTMs… Other than Team Rumble

You know, for as much as I love Fortnite Battle Royale and am always looking for that elusive Victory Royale, I actually spend a lot of time playing their large team LTMs (Limited Time Modes) because, sometimes, you just want to get on there and not worry about going at it in Solo, Duos, or Squads mode (and Trios for that all too brief time)… instead, you just want to get in there and get into some fun fights alongside a team with nothing more at stake than a win or loss unreflective of your overall stats. I just wanna jump in a game, have some fun with others, and get to some good old eliminating of the opponents. Currently, and possibly my favorite LTM, we are privy to Team Rumble – a large team mode in which two teams of 20 jump into the map and battle it out to see which team can reach the score of 100 eliminations to claim the victory. Nothing more than that, just two teams going at it for fun. And sometimes when I am playing a standard match of Fortnite I forget that I started playing this game mainly for the fun of it.

My “try-hard” mode kicks in and I start to take the game a bit too seriously. So, lately, I have been trying to split my time in the game between standard matches of Fortnite and also playing the LTMs that Epic has offered its fans. And I think after switching between both modes for the past several months I have come to appreciate the main Fortnite mode that much more because I have learned to once again just play the game for fun instead of stressing so much on trying to win. And when you look up my stats over the last several months, indeed the last three seasons, compared to all my previous time playing the game, I have had more Victory Royale wins than ever before. In fact, I had more Victory Royale wins in Season 7 than I had in all of the previous six seasons combined.

Of course, over the past year, since Epic started introducing these LTMs to the Fortnite community, I have come to like some LTMs more than others. Either because they allow for a bit more fun and a little more strategy or because they play into my particular style of play; but whatever the reason, there are certain LTMs that I really love playing more than others… sometimes to the point where I will even ignore the LTMs that I am not really a fan of. So, in this post, I want to share with you my Top 5 Fortnite Battle Royale Limited Time Modes. Also, because Team Rumble is the current LTM available at the moment and it may very well be my favorite LTM of all time, I will be omitting it from the list to make room for another LTM that deserves some recognition.

Honorable Mentions: Bare Bones, Sneaky Silencers, Solid Gold, Sword Fight, Team Terror


The very first LTM introduced into Fortnite, 50v50 pitted two teams of 50 (duh) against each other in a single elimination match until only one team remained and won the match. Often times, the matches were pretty even with victory coming at some very narrow margins. However, sometimes one team would be so dominant, the end result could be rather lopsided. I actually remember being on a losing team in which the opposing team still had more than 30 of its members at the end of the match. Even still, 50v50 is a fun match type that has even seen a few variations added to it such as Soaring 50s and 50v50 Solid Gold.

Sniper Shootout

For the longest time, when playing other online third-person or first-person shooters before Fortnite, I would often play as the Recon/Sniper class because I was a patient but quick enough shot that I could take out enemies from a distance and remain covered to safely take out other opposing players. So, when Sneaky Silencers was introduced into Fortnite, this LTM was right up my alley. And since I was already establishing myself as a bush or tree camper, or I would patiently hide behind other natural structures on the island, it was easy for me to adapt myself to the play style of this mode.

High Explosives

There’s nothing fancy about this mode, but just run towards your enemies and unload with your best explosive weapons and hope to catch the opponents off their guard. I particularly love this mode because one time when High Explosives was available to play in Season 7, my kids and I squaded up to win three matches in one day. I thought that was cool in and of its own, but you can just imagine how excited my kids were to experience three Victory Royale wins in one day – especially for my youngest son, Kay, who happened to get his very first Victory Royale that day. Definitely one of my fondest memories playing Fortnite ever.

One Shot

I’ve already stated that in past online shooter games, I was used to playing as the Recon/Sniper class. But I had a habit of saying to my teammates, especially my old Squad in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, that “just give me one shot and he’s down.” I was proud of the fact that I was that accurate a sniper that I could put down an opponent with one well-placed shot. So, it should be no wonder that when One Shot was introduced into Fortnite, I ended up playing that LTM every moment until it was removed. It is the one LTM that I feel most comfortable with and the one LTM mode that I have the most Victory Royale wins… aside from the large team LTMs, that is.

Disco Domination

You know, it’s funny, but when Epic first introduced Disco Domination into Fortnite, I wasn’t that big a fan of the mode. There was something about it that just didn’t click with me. But as I played the LTM more and more, I became more enamored with it until it became my favorite LTM mode in the game. (Well, besides Team Rumble, that is.) I think it’s because I finally found a strategy to playing Disco Domination that works for me and my particular style of play – but whatever the reason, I’ve really had fun with this mode since and look forward each and every time it is brought back as a selectable mode in the Fortnite lobby.

And just in case you were wondering what my least favorite Fortnite LTM is, well, that’s easy… it’s a tie between Blitz and Steady Storm. Honestly speaking, I hate being rushed while I am looting for weapons, meds, and other items to gather my preferred load out. And seeing as how with both, Blitz and Stead Storm, the Storm Circle never stops moving and/or closes in on the map at a vastly increased rate of time, it definitely goes against my preferred style of play, so I just choose to ignore playing these two LTMs when they are available in the lobby.

So, what are your favorite LTMs in Fortnite? Which ones do you hate? Let me know below in the comments. And thanks for visiting

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