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Beautiful Minimalist Strategy Game Launches April 4

ISLANDERS is a minimalist strategy game about building cities on colorful, procedurally generated islands. Explore an infinite number of ever-changing new landscapes, expand your settlements from sprawling villages to vast cities and enjoy the relaxing atmospheres.

Watch the reveal trailer here:

ISLANDERS will launch for PC on April 4th on Steam.

GrizzlyGames is a small Berlin based indie studio best known for their debut game “Superflight” which became a small surprise hit with the indie community. The team met and developed ISLANDERS during their time at HTW Berlin where they studied game design.

The gameplay of ISLANDERS is pretty intuitive. You start with a set of buildings in your inventory that you can place on your island. Placing buildings is rewarded with points. The amount of points you get depends on what surrounds the buildings when you place them. Gather enough points to refill your inventory and unlock new buildings.

Once your city is big enough you may choose to travel to the next island (they are generated procedurally, so you can literally keep exploring forever). If you run out of buildings the game ends. This is where you high five yourself for beating the high score, take a proud last glance at the epic city you’ve built and start just one more round…


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