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Violet Evergarden Cosplay by Megan Coffey

Hey everyone. You’ve seen me feature the cosplay creations of Megan Coffey (aka Starbuxx) on this page before. As I have said before, I am a huge fan of her cosplays and she is one of my favorite cosplayers on the scene today. She is a beautiful, talented, and extremely dedicated cosplayer who seems to always strive for as much detail and precision in her cosplay recreations that I am simply drawn to her and her work. This time around, she is cosplaying as the character Violet Evergarden, the titular character of the light novel and anime series of the same name – Violet Evergarden. In this set of images featuring her cosplay of the character, you can see how she masterfully recreates the intricate and beautifully detailed outfit that the character dons for much of the series. You can see more of Megan’s cosplays and more at her deviantArt page, as well as links to her other social media sites. But for now, please enjoy the following images below.

*All photos credit to Genia Baida (WhiteDesertSun)

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