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Gerudo Link Cosplay by Carolina Angulo

The last couple of times I’ve shared some cosplay photos on here they have featured the cosplayer Megan Coffey, aka Starbuxx, as I am a pretty huge fan of this amazingly talented cosplayer. Today, I wanted to share with you another gallery featuring a different cosplayer who I also happen to be a huge fan of their cosplay creations – Carolina Angulo. I have featured Carolina, aka caroangulito, on this page before, but I wanted to share some of the most recent photos she has shared on her deviantArt page of her as portraying a female version of Link in his Gerudo Armor from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As the armor in the game is intended to allow Link to pose as a woman and allow him to enter Gerudo Town, I must admit that seeing Carolina cosplaying as this character is quite exhilarating as she does fill out the outfit quite nicely. Her attention to detail in the costume as well as the poses she strikes in this gallery also help bring this character depiction to life. So, please enjoy the following images, and don’t forget to stop be her deviantArt page and drop her a like and follow.

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