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A Hole New World Physical Release for PS4 via Limited Run Today

Mad Gear Games team is super happy to announce the physical release of A Hole New World for PS4 and the Soundtrack by Daniel Pellicer that will be released on an actual NES cartridge by Limited Run Games. The PS4 box has a reversible cover so players can choose between a colorful cover or a more classic look.

A Hole New World is a game inspired in the classics, with an easy two button scheme of controls, one button to jump and one to shoot, so the challenge is in the game, not in the controls. It also can be enjoyed from minute one, because there are no tutorials that make players wait for the action.

Miguel Murat, one of the members of Mad Gear Games, said about the release: “I’m super humbled to have our game be released alongside Bloodstained: Cursed of the moon. It’s like a dream come true. There is even a bundle that includes both games!”

Physical copies of the PS4 game and the NES cartridge containing the Soundtrack can be purchased at Limited Run Games website:

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