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Friday the 13th Jenny Myers Cosplay by ClaireSea

As most of you are well aware of, I am a huge fan of the artistic website deviantArt. I’m on there quite a lot watching and following a number of artists across a number a varying mediums. One medium n dA that I am particularly fond of is photography – particularly the cosplay section of the site. As a huge fan of cosplay, I am always interested in seeing what cosplay creations people come up with and how they share their art with others. And I love just how many talented cosplayers there are to be found on dA. One of the cosplayers that I have found myself following this past year goes by the dA handle ClaireSea, whom I have featured on here before. She has a certain knack and flair for her cosplays as well as the after effects she and her team add to the photos which give them this hyper-stylized Hollywood effect. In this latest gallery that I have come across, she has taken to cosplay as Jenny Myers from the Friday the 13th series alongside her collaborator James cosplaying as Jason Voorhees. The images were then spruced up by another collaborator of theirs, Kira, and the end result is this beautifully detailed gallery you see below. Enjoy the images and be sure to head on over to deviantArt and show her some love.

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