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Take Control of Your Mornings with this PlayStation Alarm Clock

Wake up to one of the most iconic game controllers of all time.

Everyone knows PlayStation is for the gamers, but now with the launch of the PlayStation Alarm Clock based on the instantly recognizable controller, PlayStation is for the dreamers too.

Having trouble rolling out of bed in the mornings? Would you rather be part of the FOX Unit, handling top secret infiltration missions, or hang out with AVALANCHE, plotting to bring down the Shinra Corporation, rather than heading out to join the rush hour commute? Whilst we can’t change your career path, let us help you keep one foot in your favorite alternative universe by waking you up to the tones of the Official PlayStation Alarm Clock.

Shaped like the current PlayStation controller, it features a reverse LCD display with backlight, so players can easily keep track of time during all night gaming sessions.

You can’t hook it up to your system and play games with it, but it will let you know when it’s time to leave Racoon City and head to the office.

The PlayStation Alarm Clock is available to order here:


  • Officially licensed PlayStation product
  • Reverse LCD Screen display
  • Shaped like the current PlayStation controller, including the iconic button symbols
  • Available at


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