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telco Releases New Single “Minus Nine”


New York, NY – January 8, 2021 – Indie/rock project, telco, has released a brand-new single today, entitled “Minus Nine.” Fans can stream it now across all streaming services, including SpotifyApple Music, and more.

On the single, musician Michael Gilbride shares, “After releasing a dark and reflective debut EP in September 2020, we wanted to step forward with something fresh and new. ‘Minus Nine’ takes the same themes of love and loneliness and places it in a completely new sonic environment that is open and optimistic. ‘Minus Nine’ struggles with the loneliness that often accompanies the pursuit of your dreams.” Gilbride did in fact follow his dreams last year after quitting his job as a Wall Street bond trader to focus fully on music.

“telco” is the NYC based solo project of Pennsylvania native and musician Michael Gilbride. The alternative-rock/indie-pop project began from the confines of Gilbride’s apartment as a collection of demos that eventually evolved into the project’s debut EP, “My Name Is Not Kaiser”, released on September 4th. The project’s debut single, “Say Hello” (featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: Rock” playlist; Unxigned’s “Song of the Year: 2020”) examined the push and pull between the conflicting desire to be alone and the desire to share your life with someone you love. The project’s new single, “Minus Nine” (set to be released Jan 8th, 2021), takes those same themes and places them in a completely new sonic environment that is both open and optimistic, marking a clear shift in sound from the EP era.

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