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Co-Op Puzzler Pode Hits Nintendo Switch Today

Independent developer Henchman & Goon have announced that their co-op exploration game, Pode, will be available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch today, June 21st. In Pode, a rock and a fallen star set out on a mystical journey, using their distinct abilities to solve ancient puzzles, heavily emphasizing the themes of friendship and cooperation. “Pode has already attracted quite a following, […]

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My Initial Thoughts on Nintendo/Illumination Deal for New Mario Animated Film

As news started breaking that Nintendo Co., LTD and Illumination Entertainment (Universal Studios/NBCUniversal) have partnered together to bring Mario and company to the big screen in an untitled Super Mario Bros. animated film, I couldn’t help but cringe just a bit at the prospect of another animated film being developed by Illumination. While I thought […]