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Dragon Star Varnir Website + SS Update Introduces New Characters, Dragon Core + Giant Battle Boss Battle Systems

Ready your staff and swords! We’re excited to announce a brand-new website update and screenshot batch that introduces the Dragon Core and Giant Boss Battles for the upcoming Summer 2019 PlayStation® 4 release of Dragon Star Varnir™! Two game systems are updated on the website: Dragon Core and Giant Boss Battles. The Dragon Core system allows players to devour dragons and obtain […]

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Clayton J. Barber Directs Leading Man Eric Jacobus In Their Latest Martial Arts Action Feature Blindsided: The Game

Stunt coordinator Clayton J. Barber (fight and stunt coordinator for Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER and IRON FIST, Netflix) directs leading man Eric Jacobus (PS4’s exclusive GOD OF WAR) in their latest martial arts action short feature BLINDSIDED: THE GAME! After blind man Walter Cooke (Jacobus, God of War) prevents a local gang from shaking down his […]